Messanger is the most popular & usable chating app its part from facebook . We have there many website. And sometimes we need to talk about user to discuss anything, So grupo pro chat script, is give you an real mmessengers perfomance on your website.

We have to see facebook. Now the facebook user are over 14 m. Because Facebook have own chatting system, that’s interstate user to use it. And many devoloper want to make this system on their website. So group pro is the best php sctipt for make a conversation website like fb.


Group chat pro is the best solution to chat and discussion system with each others. User can Easily connect with you and others member on your website members.

And the big talk is thats, The Group chat pro system is almost look like to mmessanger app. And its give the chat experience on your website totally like mmessanger. But This script is paid for genarell others site. Cause the script devolopers are worked so hard to make its to perfect. its price on codecanyone is 59$. But we have say always that’s help our main target, thats why we always provide you it’s totally free.


1. Single chat system.

2. it’s will be Make your website like totally perfomance on messanger system.

3. Group chat and activity share system.

4. Easy to contact any user on website.

5. Photo,link,video share system.

6. Nice pop up and chat system totlly like What’s app.

7. No need any extra registration for use it, without website registration.