PHP social is a wonderful social website php script. Its feature is almost look like facebook.

We have seen many social website on internet world. Social website is a way to communication on our friends and family.


Current internet world best social website is facebook. Because Facebook devoloper and Designer maked its so Simple and friendly. That’s why much of people are attracted to use its. And now i will share a script this almost look like facebook.

php social is a paid script on codecanyone. So much of people haven’t use this php script for its price.
If you use this script on your website, your website get look like full facebook social.
I’ts very easy to install and run it on your website.


1. Best social php script.

2. News feed and timeline system.

3. Instant notification.

4. Message sending system.

5. Database connection.

6. Login system and register system.

7. Profile picture set up system.

8. Like and comment system.