AMP is the biggest part of SEO. Accelaretor Moblie Pages is short form AMP.

An wordpress website first need to get visitor from google. AMP is a essential part of wordpress website. Without AMP your website, google will be showing an problem issues for AMP.


AMP latest premium version is the best premium accelaretor mobile page plugin. AMP also need when SEO required any mobile search result provide. If this time AMP Doesn’t work, google should report a issues from SEO.

Thats why we always need to AMP our website. and there wasn’t any best way to AMO our website without AMP v10 plugin. It’s original price is 149$. But we provide you its totally free. Lets enjoy,,,


1. Easily accelarete any wordpress website pages.

2. Super fast loading.

3. Wonderfull simple design to amp.

4. Responcive for Adsense.

5. Super speed for browse.

6. Very responcive and device friendly.